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All Staffing companies in the Omaha area will do their due diligence when it comes to qualifying and ensuring the candidates have the proper credentials, so why chose TMS Services over the others? We believe that it is how we treat our associates and our customers that set us apart from the industry standard. As a TMS Associate you will always know that you are a vital part of TMS, and that your efforts are appreciated. We do this through various recognition programs, and our benefits program is the same program for all full time TMS employees... including the owners. It all goes back to our original idea 25 years ago... make people happy... Candidates and Customers... They chose TMS and they will keep coming back.

TMS Services, Inc. provides four options for placement services:

Contract Employment – Contract-to-Hire – Direct Hire – Project Outsourcing

Every person and every business is unique, which is why TMS Services, Inc. will never try to coerce you into taking an assignment or send your resume out to a client without your approval. We offer various options of employment which allow you to tailor your work day with the lifestyle you desire. For companies looking to utilize staffing the wide array of options allows them to customize their workforce for the requirements they specifically need to address. Our belief is that a candidate that is a “good fit” is also a more productive employee and a happier one, which means long term success for everyone.

  • Contract Employment - In this scenario the candidate is an employee of TMS and consequently covered by TMS for all employee issues (benefits, taxes, etc.). There is the option down the road to roll the candidate over to the company payroll which means the candidate and the company can use the contract time to determine if this is the right situation for all parties involved.

  • Contract to Hire - This is very similar to Contract Employment but this usually entails a target roll over date which is generally 6 months into an assignment. Here again the candidate and the company have an opportunity to gauge whether this is a good fit for all parties involved.

  • Direct Hire - Many time’s companies enlist our help in identifying candidates to be hired directly to the company. The company agrees to pay the agency a fee for locating this candidate. No fees or salary deductions are taken from the candidate. In most cases all salary and benefits are the same as if you went directly to the company. Many times we can act as an agent for each party to negotiate a salary “middle ground” that is agreeable to both parties.

  • Project Outsourcing - Sometimes companies have specific projects that require additional staff and resources but do not want to add on long term obligations. TMS can offer staff and other resources (computers, AutoCAD, office space, etc) which allow the company to complete their project on schedule. Many associates find this project based assignment challenging, and like the idea that once the project is completed they can look for new challenges to address.

So, whether you are looking for your next job, or a company looking for that special candidate to bring on, or a team of candidates for a specific project one call to TMS Services is all you need to get the job done.

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