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Finding a full time job is... a full time job. When you are looking for a partner to help you through this journey why not pick a company that has been helping people find new exciting careers in the Professional/Technical field for over 30 years.

The first thing you will do when you come to TMS is sit down and visit with our staff so we can understand what challenges, security, and advancement you are looking for in your next job. 

TMS continuously gets your approval before sending your resume to a prospective client. We will never “shotgun” your resume to businesses hoping for a “bite”. That means YOU are always in control of your career path.

With over 30 years of successfully placing professional candidates in the Omaha area, TMS Services has the reputation for delivering quality. So when we walk in the door with your resume that company knows we have done our due diligence and you are a candidate we stand behind.

Stop by or give us a call and find out how TMS Services can work for you.

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Welcome, Employers

10208 L Street  
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When TMS began back in 1987, we had a simple belief. Make customers happy and they come back. For 30 years our customers have kept returning placing their confidence and trust in TMS. Acting as a partner we find out what makes our customers unique and sets them apart from the competition. That allows us to find candidates with the same values which will complement your operation and add value.

What We Do

Great companies understand... the greatest asset they possess are the people working for them. TMS knows that any candidate we place reflects directly on us and the client, which is why we are constantly training and reviewing the performance of our associates.

Every position is different…every job requires special treatment, so when you work with TMS the first thing we do is find out what works best for you. Then we set up a program to meet those needs. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to finding that next great employee or career choice. 

So when you are considering where to look for people that can move your business forward….Look to TMS.

Why choose TMS?

Finding a candidate with the right skill set is only the first step in our process. To make sure they are successful we need to make sure that candidate is “the right fit” for your organization. To do that we need to understand our partners and learn what characteristics and values they want to see from our candidates. Then we can give you the right person the first time.

For over 30 years we have been matching candidates and businesses to form long term associations. It all goes back to our original goal when TMS began….make people happy they chose TMS.

Three Placement Solutions

Whether you need a few key positions filled, or you want a partner to manage your company’s contract workforce, TMS Services is the comprehensive solution for all your staffing needs.


With this option you bring on a candidate  to your operation initially through TMS. This allows you to assess if the person is a “good fit” for your operation without going through the hire on process right away. After you have decided that this association is a “win/win” for you and the candidate you can roll them in to your payroll.


Sometimes it makes more sense for your business to keep the candidate working through TMS (special projects, spikes in your business, etc)  TMS offers our associates Major Medical, PTO, Holiday pay  and a 401K option, so you can exercise this option and know that the candidate is covered.

Direct Hire

While Flex staffing is important, your full time staff is the core of your team. This option allows you to bring our candidates on immediately. The candidate has the reassurance to know that they are on your team, and you have the security of a full time employee.

Project Outsourcing

Sometimes companies have specific projects that require additional staff and resources but do not want to add on long term obligations. TMS can offer staff and other resources (computers, AutoCAD, office space, etc) which allow the company to complete their project on schedule. Many associates find this project based assignment challenging, and like the idea that once the project is completed they can look for new challenges to address.


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10208 L Street  
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PROFESSIONAL & Technical Job Listings

When you are looking for someone to help you through the journey why not pick a company that has been helping people find careers in the professional and technical fields for over a quarter of a century. In fact, many of the people we placed back in the early days of TMS are now the same people running departments who regularly call us for assistance.

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Why choose Omaha?

Forbes has good things to say about Omaha's job market.

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10208 L Street  
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About TMS Services, Inc.

Since 1987, TMS Services, Inc. has specialized in the recruitment and placement of skilled professional & technical candidates in the Omaha area. We serve both employer and employee, keeping a close eye on the job market as we work to connect talent with opportunity. 

We had a simple belief back in 1987 when TMS opened its doors. Make customers and candidates happy and they come back. At TMS our goal is to offer more than a “person to fill a spot.” As a partner we find out what sets our clients apart from their competition and then match candidates with the same ideals and values that will enhance our clients operation and result is success for our candidates.

TMS knows that any candidate we place reflects directly on us and the client, which is why we are constantly training and reviewing the performance of our associates…So when you are considering where to look for people that can move your business forward….Look to TMS.

Insider Advantage

TMS is locally owned and has a long history with Omaha area businesses that spans decades. That means our track record of success can be your track record to success.


At TMS, we don't believe you stay in business for decades by “cutting corners” or taking the easy way. Our policy is to secure your permission before sending your resume anywhere. That way YOU stay in control of your career path. It would be easier to just “blast” your resume around town and see if we have any response, but it isn’t the right way…and it isn’t the TMS way. 

Strict Confidentiality

TMS realizes that in order to optimize our efforts our representation must be conducted discreetly. We will withhold your name and contact information in the initial stages of the representation process.

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Send a message to TMS Services or
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Praise for TMS Services

The people we serve are some of the happiest candidates and employers you're likely to find. Have a look at some of their comments below, or feel free to submit your own testimonial.

TMS Services fits the flexiblity I need in my professional life. The staff is the best to work with.  —Lisa K.

I will reccomend you to my collegues. Thanks to TMS, we've just successfully expanded our Engineering operation.  —Todd K.

TMS is the real deal.  TMS is awesome.  Your company is truly upstanding and is behind its people 100%. It's just a great company to work for.  —Shirley F.


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