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Welcome, Medical Job Candidates

Since 1987, TMS Services, Inc. has been working with Hospitals, Clinics, Long term care and Rehab facilities to meet their nursing and staffing challenges. That means when you join the TMS team you have a long history of success behind you before you even begin that new job. We could be the "fit" you have been searching for.

TMS Services continues to stay up-to-date in marketplace trends to ensure you have access to the "hot jobs" in nursing and other medical areas that are in high demand.

We offer our associates flexible schedules for full- and part-time work in nursing and other medical jobs—real career opportunities that work around your life.

Assignments are available for Registered Nurses (RN), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN), Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA), Medication Aides, and Medical Assistants in the Omaha and surrounding communities. Specialties in ED, Critical Care, Long Term Care, Psych, Correctional, Clinics, and more.

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Welcome, Medical Employers

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Since 1987, TMS Services, Inc. has been partnering with Hospitals, Clinics,  Rehab and Long Term Care facilities to meet their nursing and staffing challenges on a daily, weekly, and long term basis.   

When TMS began back in 1987 we had a simple belief.  Make customers happy and they will come back. For 30 years our customers have kept returning to put their confidence and trust in TMS. At TMS Services we offer more for you and your business by acting as a partner. Understanding your business and what sets you apart from the competition allows us to find you the person with the same ideas and values so we can offer you a candidate that fits your need

Three Placement Solutions

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Whether you need a few key nursing positions filled or you want a partner to manage your company’s entire contact workforce, TMS Services is the comprehensive choice for your nursing staff needs.

Per Diem

When staff is needed on a per day basis this is the method most often utilized.  Should you need an experienced nurse to work with your staff one shift per week while you build your full time staff, our office can help.


Recurrent needs or chronic staffing requirements can be met with local contract staff.  Enjoy the stability of having the same staff members scheduled with your core staff in our area of need over a specific period of time. Contracts can be as short as two weeks or as long as twelve months.  TMS Services will work with you to meet the exclusive needs of your facility.

Direct Hire

While flex staffing is important, your full-time staff is the core of your patients' care team. TMS Services utilizes our recruiting expertise to assist in building our healthcare staff team.

Why choose TMS?

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All great companies realize their greatest assets are the people working for them. TMS Services understands that any nursing candidate we place reflects directly on us and the facility they are assigned. This is why we are constantly training and reviewing the performance of our associates, and making sure all credentialing is in place and current. Finding the candidate with the skills you desire is only the first step in our process. Understanding your unique set of challenges and requirements that will determine a successful placement is the key piece of the staffing puzzle that leads to success. TMS will never come in with one program and tell you this is best for your business—we ask what works best for your needs and develop our program around you. This is how we can keep you satisfied with our results and start a working partnership that keeps you coming back to TMS Services, Inc. for your staffing needs.


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Forbes has good things to say about Omaha's job market. 

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About TMS Services, Inc.

Omaha's Premier
Medical Staffing Company

Since 1987, TMS Services, Inc. has specialized in the recruitment and placement of skilled nurses and other healthcare professionals in the Omaha area. We serve both employer and employee, keeping a close eye on the job market as we work to connect talent with opportunity. 

We had a simple belief back in 1987 when TMS opened its doors. Make medical employers and candidates happy and they come back. At TMS our goal is to offer more than a “person to fill a spot.” As a partner we find out what sets our clients apart from their competition and then match candidates with the same ideals and values that will enhance our clients' operation and result in success for our candidates.

Great companies understand that the greatest assets they possess are the people working for them. TMS knows that any nursing or other medical candidate we place reflects directly on us and the client, which is why we are constantly training and reviewing the performance of our associates—so when you are considering where to look for people who can move your business forward, look to TMS.

Insider Advantage

TMS is locally owned and has a long history with Omaha area facilities that spans 30 years. That means our track record of success can be your track record to success.


At TMS we believe you don’t stay in business by “cutting corners” or taking the easy way. Building long term relationships takes time and effort, but we think it is the only way to make sure you receive the candidate you need...or find a job you deserve.

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Praise for TMS Services

The people we serve are some of the happiest candidates and employers you're likely to find. Have a look at some of their comments below, or feel free to submit your own testimonial.

Love working for TMS, great management, great opportunity!!—Alicia H.

I'm so glad I came on board with you, best decision I've made in along time! —Jess, RN

TMS is the real deal.  TMS is awesome.  Your company is truly upstanding and is behind its people 100%. It's just a great company to work for.  —Shirley F.

I have been very impressed with TMS, your professionalism, friendliness and support of your employees goes above and beyond what I expected from a staffing agency.
—Barb, RN

TMS Services fits the flexiblity I need in my professional life. The staff is the best to work with.  —Lisa K.

I would like to commend TMS on their dedication in helping medical facilities with their staffing needs. TMS has a good rapport with the medical staff that works for them.  —Pamela W.

This is the first staffing agency I've ever worked for and I was so nervous at first but you guys are great and made it easy. Thank you! —Lucas, CNA/CMA

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